Going Native

Well, not really.  But buying insurance does make me feel like I'm settling in just a little too well.  Taiwan has an excellent national health care system, but it doesn't cover everything.  Hospital visits and major procedures aren't covered, so I got some supplemental health insurance to cover that, as well as accident insurance to cover anything the health insurance doesn't cover.  I'm still not quite clear on what is covered by the different kinds of insurance that I will be covered by.  It doesn't really matter, though, all of them are on the same policy.  So I'm COVERED.  I'm just not quite sure which paragraph covers which kind of coverage.  (Yes, the policy is in Chinese.)  (No, they don't have an English translation.)  (Yes, I had a Taiwanese friend sitting with me to keep 'em honest.)  (Yes, I have an inapproriate fondness for parentheses.) (See, here's another pair.) (Ok, that's enough of that.)

The really odd thing, though, is how insurance is structured in Taiwan.  Apparently there's only one kind of personal insurance policy that you can buy, and that's life insurance.  All the other types of insurance are included as riders on the life insurance policy.  So even though I hadn't intended to get life insurance, I've now got it, making my parents automatic suspects should I disappear under mysterious circumstances.


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