Marathon #2 & Skinheadedness

So I've started running again. This morning, I got up at 6:30am and ran 7 kilometers. Since I've been running for two weeks now, it was a lot easier than I thought it was, although still not easy. Even at 7am, Taipei is already extremely humid and uncomfortable. Summer is here, whatever the calendar says. I mean, when it gets above 90 degrees Fahrenheit, I think I'm allowed to call that summer, don't you? Of course, this is just May. I really, really hope my Foreign Service Oral Assessment is scheduled in August. That way, I can come home during the hottest part of the year. During August last year, the only time I spent outside was when I was dashing between air-conditioned oases of coolth. I think my body is better adapted to the temperature now, but not that much. I've also lost some weight, and that should help me deal with the temperature. But still, I sweated so much during my morning kindergarten today that I had to take a second shower before I went to my evening job. It was so hot and humid that even though I was only wearing a towel, and I was still wet from the shower, I could feel the sweat start to ooze from my pores almost as soon as I left the shower. That's what I get for moving to a tropical island, I guess.

I did take one drastic measure to help my body shed the heat, though: I shaved my head. No, this is not a joke, I really shaved my head. It doesn't look as bad as I thought it would, actually, although it does make me look VERY DIFFERENT. I don't have a picture to post yet, but I'll put one up soon, with a before and after comparison. It certainly shocked some of my friends here. On the whole, I rather like it. It feels cooler (temperature-wise and style-wise) and I've had a noticeably increased level of interest from those of the female persuasion, so I think it's definitely staying for a while.


3 Responses to “Marathon #2 & Skinheadedness”

  1. Rosemary Says:

    Nice to know “coolth” hasn’t been replaced from your vocabulary 🙂

  2. Vivian Says:

    Now you and Fox can start the Neo-Nazi chapter in Taiwan. Make sure Jason also shaves his head too 🙂

  3. Ro Says:

    Hehe… I cant wait to see those pics! Take good care of Dan while he is out there. You have to take a photo of the two of you among the sea of Asians:)

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