Well, except for some fast-fading scabs, I'm mostly back to normal.  I still have some residual soreness in the muscles in my legs and upper torso, but that's almost gone.  I'm not limping anymore, and I don't grimace every time I sit down, either.  I had a good limp going for a while.  My friend Dan (who was visiting from the States) said I looked like the Tin Man, wobbling around like I was.

This spring is a busy one for visitors.  Dan was here for a little over a week and my friends Eileen and YungChia are here visiting relatives.  This is on top of my friend Vivian, who was here for all of April.  I guess I'm not doing too badly, friend-wise, when I've got 4 of them here in less than a month.  Of course, I could always do better… (hint, hint, those who haven't been to Taiwan yet…)

It's sort of funny, since spring is probably the 2nd worst time to visit Taiwan.  The worst time to visit is probably the summer, since it's beastly hot and humid all the time, punctuated by scattered typhoons.  In the spring, it generally rains pretty constantly, making it the grayest time to come.

Actually, the winter kind of stinks, too.  The best time to come to Taiwan is in the late fall, around November.  The weather is nice and cool then, with almost no rain.   So, if you're free in November, that's probably a good time to come visit me!

But don't make those plans until I find out what time I have to take Oral Assessment, since it was in early November the last time I took it!


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