Mosquitos, Skyscrapers

As I mentioned a month ago, summer has started here.  One of the things this means is that the mosquitoes are coming out in force.  They really love to bite my ankles and wrists, for some reason.  This is not to say that they only bite me there, but I have a disproportionate number of lumps in the ankle region.  I bought a bug zapper for my room, but I don't know how effective it really is, since I still wake up with new bug bites.

Taipei 101, which pretty much dominates the skyline hereabouts, is pretty darn incredible.  I mean, it's the tallest building in the world, to start with.  It won't hold that title forever, since there are other projects underway to build humongous buildings, but I think it's currently the best-looking of the world's superskyscrapers.  The outward-sloping design is supposed to be symbolic of a bamboo stalk with rope knotted around the nodes.  The other superskyscrapers tend to just be humonguous phallic symbols, with not much imagination going into their shape.  Taipei 101 still looks pretty phallic, I'll admit, but more…ribbed.  For her pleasure.  Clearly better than the Sears Tower, right, ladies? (Don't answer that.  It's rhetorical.  I don't want to know.)

The strangest thing about Taipei 101 is that it doesn't really look like the world's tallest building.  This is because there are no other buildings in Taipei which even come close, so it's just sort of out there by itself.  Yes, it looks humongous, but not that humongous.  I mean, in New York, the Empire State Building towers over other really tall buildings.  Taipei is not a big place for skyscrapers, there's nothing to visually compare it to that says, yes, look, Taipei 101 is even bigger than this building over here, and look how massive it is.  You're just standing there among these 4-or-5-story midgets, staring up at this great honking tower.  When you are an ant, how do you tell if you are looking at a hobbit or the Jolly Green Giant?


4 Responses to “Mosquitos, Skyscrapers”

  1. Bobbie Goldberg Says:

    Ben, bug zappers don’t work on mosquitoes because they are not attracted to them, they are attracted to YOU. Use screens on the window, and any bug spray containing DEET.

  2. Vivian Says:

    Have you invested in a mosquito net to sleep in at night?

  3. Epsi Says:

    Have you been to the top of Taipei 101? I think it’s about 4000 NT to get to the observatory…And the elevator that takes you to the top takes 30 seconds to get to the top!

  4. taiwanben Says:

    Epsi, it’s more like 400nt. And yes, I’ve been up it about 5 times.

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