Pre-trip butterflies…

You know how sometimes you know something’s going to happen, but you don’t really feel it until a few days before it actually happens?  Well, I just started to feel it.  I’m going home!  I’ve been running around getting so many things taken care of in preparation for my vacation that I never really had time to sit down and actually absorb the fact that I’m going home.  For a month.  Oh, the craziness.

You’d think a month would be a long time, but it’s starting to look not so long when I consider all the people that I want to see when I’m back.  I was just perusing my e-mail list, and I have around 50 friends who I want to see when I’m back, which is not even counting my family members, who I’ve already gotten in touch with.  So I am going to be one busy vacationer.

(Speaking of which, if I have not yet e-mailed you about hanging out when I get back, please read the rest of this post and send me an e-mail about when would be best to hang out.  It’s not that I don’t love you, but my fingers are looking at the list of 50 people I want to see and going, “I’m sorry, you want me to type how many e-mails, all saying approximately the same thing?”  I mean, I guess I could send out a mass e-mail, and make it look like it was personal, but I’m lazy.  Which, since you love me, you’ll forgive me for, right?  Right.  Glad that’s settled.)

I’ll be landing the morning of Sept. 6, when my father will be meeting me at the airport and taking me straight back to my parents’ house in South Central Pennsylvania.  (We be from South Central, homez, what?! Yeah! …and stuff.)  Apparently I will be getting home just in time to help my parents move to the new house that they’ve had built next door.  And here I was looking forward to relaxing.   Oh well.

I figure I’ll spend the rest of that week and weekend with them, and on Sept. 11 start to make trips into the DC/Baltimore area to descend upon my friends in all my glory.  (No sir, no God complexes here, nope nope nope!)

I should be spending about 10 days or so in the DC/Baltimore area before heading up to New York and Connecticut to see family. (You know who you are!)  I may also swing through Boston, where I believe I have some family members and friends, although this is still in the realm of the hypothetical.

Either way, I should be back at my parents house on Oct. 2, which means that I will have one day to re-pack all of my stuff in preparation for leaving the east coast on Oct. 3.  On Oct. 3 I will be flying to LA to spend 2 days with my friend Regina.  Then, on Oct. 5, I will be leaving the US completely, and coming back to Taiwan on Saturday, Oct. 7.  (Gotta love the International Date Line!)  That will give me the weekend to recover, and start looking for a second job to help me regain all the money I just blew on my vacation. 🙂


3 Responses to “Pre-trip butterflies…”

  1. Cousin Dick Says:

    Does the International Date Line account for the last two paragraphs?

  2. Bill Says:

    If you cross the international date line the wrong way, do they still get you a date?

  3. Ben Says:

    Cousin Dick: There’s a weird “feature” in my blogging software that either duplicates or hides the last few paragraphs of every blog. I don’t know why. I suspect the International Date Line, the CIA, and whoever keeps stealing one sock out of every pair.

    Bill: As long as you are not carrying any liquids, gels or aerosols in your carry-on luggage, you should still be date-able.

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