Single Once Again


Why am I hopping?



When you only have one foot…




…hopping is all you can do.


My other foot…



…has hopped away.





7 Responses to “Single Once Again”

  1. mitesh Says:

    Ben…sorry to hear about that other foot hopping away…but just remember that hoping on one foot will get you to another foot that fits you better!

  2. Patrick Cowsill Says:

    Don’t sweat it – you’re young, so enjoy. By the way, I posted some pics at

  3. Ma Jian-Teng Says:

    Ben, 遺憾 (yi2 han4) but 加油!! Life goes on, live and learn, and a million things you don’t wanna hear but are true … incidentally, I wouldn’t call the poetry “really really bad”, I mean it sorta has a Beat Poet thing goin on…

  4. Ro Says:

    Sorry to hear the news. But remember all your friends are here for you. As Patrick said, your still young so enjoy your youth:) When Dan visits in January with Ming and Fanny, the three of you can party! Also what is your schedule like in March? I maybe flying into the Philippines for my Mom’s Bday and I may swing by there to visit you (depending on how much time off I can get off from work).

  5. Bill Says:

    Dear Ben,
    It’s not bad poety, just the sound of one foot hopping.

    Did you get the message I sent re the Internation Toliet Society’s meeting in Thailand? You could go there and check out where you’re life has gone.

    I suppose I could tell you about some of my more disasterous romantic blow-ups, with the assurance that I got through them and so will you, but I don’t really see that helping. Loss of love is like lossing a leg: it really hurts and you’re not quite the same afterwords, but, in a while, you get really good at hopping.

    Stay sober. I can tell you, with all the certainty of someone who has tried that route, that getting drunk is not a good idea. Becoming addicted to heroin is probably also a bad idea, but I never tried that. Check with Dick; that’s his line of country.

    Ny heart ,broken and mended any number of times, is with you

    I remain

    Your aff’c’t cousin


  6. AznSouris Says:

    I don’t get what the hopping thing is all about but I am guessing that you and your gf broke up? Doesn’t the world realize that there’s nobody out there good enough for our Ben?

    You might get tired of hopping on one foot. Since MJ will be in Taiwan, borrow her as a crutch.

  7. Vivian Says:

    Sorry to hear about your loss. But hey I have been there before, and your poetry aint bad, not as depressing as I thought it would be. You’ll be alright…at least you still have one leg to hop on 🙂

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