Earthquakes, Girls, and Chinese class

So, yes, there was an earthquake here, around 8:30pm last night.  Apparently, it was about 7 or so on the Richter scale.  I barely even noticed it.  I was having dinner with a rather pretty classmate of mine from Indonesia.  Neither of us noticed it until the British guy at the next table pointed out that the chandeliers in the restaurant were swaying rather drastically.  I guess we were both pretty focused on each other, although swaying lights is usually how I notice an earthquake.  Taiwan usually gets two or three minor ones a year, although this one was bigger than normal.  I usually don’t notice them unless I’m indoors.  If I’m in my 8th floor apartment, I notice that my loft bed and desk lamps are swaying before I actually sense any physical movement.  Once, last year, I woke up at 3am from a dream involving a pirate ship to find my bed swaying back and forth.  I wasn’t sure if I was still dreaming or not, at first.

So, Chinese class.  Three weeks ago, I started a 10-hour-a-week class at National Taiwan Normal University (師大).  It focuses more on reading and writing than my previous lessons, but it’s 10 hours a week, so it’s definitely giving me more practice speaking.  So now, every morning I get out of bed at 7am or so to get to class by 8am.  There’s only seven students in the class, total.  Three Indonesian girls about my age (all quite pretty, only one of whom I’ve gone out with…yet :-P), one older Indonesian woman, an older British guy, and an Austrian guy about my age.  The ones close to my age are all full-time students.  The older two have jobs and families, although I forget what they do for a living.

The class takes up a lot of time, now.  I pretty much need to spend at least 20 hours a week studying for the class, which seriously encroaches on my non-existent free time.  Right now, I’m teaching about 25 hours a week, total.  About 15 hours of that is at my cram school, and about 10 hours teaching privately.  Add to that the 10 hours of Chinese class, the 20 hours of studying, the exercise I’m trying to do every day, and that barely leaves any time for anything else, i.e. girls.

Speaking of girls, yes, I am still seeing the girl I met at the Halloween party.  We hit it off very quickly, even to the point of going on a short vacation together 2 weeks ago.  However, and I should emphasize this point, she is NOT, repeat, NOT my girlfriend.  Strangely enough, this was her idea.  She felt we were moving too quickly, and wants us to see other people.  At first, I was very disappointed by this, since I was all ready to commit to a long-term relationship.  However, once I met another girl that was interested in me, I very quickly saw the benefits of freedom.  So right now I’m seeing a few different girls, which is working out just fine.  Personally, this comes as quite a shock to me.  I mean, before June 2006, it had been, what, 7 years since I’d had a girlfriend?  Three years since I’d even been on a date?  And now, in the last 5 days, I’ve been on 4 dates with three different girls.  Let me tell you, I’m confused.  Very confused.

But not, let me stress this, complaining.  Not one bit.

Happy New Year, Un Buen Ano Nuevo, 新年快樂!


6 Responses to “Earthquakes, Girls, and Chinese class”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    *phew* Just read about the quake and I’m glad you’re OK. Well better than OK it seems 🙂 Glad you came back from radio silence.

  2. Aznsouris Says:

    The dating thing isn’t so bad. That means you get to hang out with lots of pretty girls. But girls like me, Regina and MJ, we don’t like to share our guys. Hehe. Steve and I are still together. One month and going strong….though, we don’t know what the future holds…’s kinda scary for us both……still, enjoying the present is a good thing……so enjoy the freedom of being single and dating lots of girls….=)

  3. Sabrina Says:

    Sorry you’re so busy… here’s to hoping you have more free time soon!!

  4. Dre Says:

    hi, you’ve been featured here:

  5. Nathan Says:

    like your stories and your boldness, best of luck…
    looking forward to your posts…

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