The Zen of Golf

 Ball on tee…check.

 Left foot…check.

Right foot…check.

Correct grip…check.

Practice swing…hmm…not quite right…what am I doing wrong?  Ah, I’m twisting it as I swing the club…gotta work on that.  Concentrate.  Let all worries and cares drop from your mind.  Relax.  Concentrate on the ball, the club, your body position, and the connections between those three.  If you are not fully comfortable and concentrated, go back to the beginning and start again.  Take as many tries as you like.  You’ve got all day.  There’s no hurry.  It’s a beautiful day.  Look at the ball.  Look at the club.  Concentrate on the ball, the club, your body position, and the connections between all three.

Practice swing…feels good.

Move up to the ball.  Go through the above again. Wait until the only thing you are thinking about is the ball, the club, and the connections between all three.


Watch ball…on the green in one.

Two putt…par three.

My cousin Goldberg (, who is a practicing Zen adherent, has told me about the form of meditation called “samu”, which “refers simply to working, cleaning house, walking down the street–to any activity off the cushion–with a singlemindedness, alertness and relaxation.”

Golf does it for me.  What does it for you?


3 Responses to “The Zen of Golf”

  1. Goldberg Says:

    There’s a real difference in attitude between these two posts and so much of what you’ve written earlier. It sounds like you judge yourself less and like yourself more.

    Keep it up!

  2. taiwanben Says:

    Thanks! I’m working on it!

  3. Brandee Says:

    Hi Ben! 🙂

    Well…it came upon me in the last couple of days that teaching English abroad may be the way for me to go! 🙂 So of course…my OCD kicked into high gear and I have spent ALL of my time researching it. There is ALOT of information out there! CELTA this, TEFL that…get certified online, don’t get certified online, get a job anywhere, make a bunch, make a little….yeah…my head is spinning!

    I came across your blog and was immediately hooked. I feel like an intruder reading too much of personal stuff, but I wanted to start a conversation anyway. I know you are CRAZY BUSY with things, but with the new penthouse and supersonic internet (LOL), I was hoping you could rattle out an email to me of what you advice would be to someone thinking of this path!?

    Thank you in advance for taking anytime to write something! 🙂

    Have a FABULOUS day! 🙂


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