A testament to my stubborness

So, a couple of weeks ago, I went cycling up Yang Ming Mountain in northern Taipei with my friends Eric and Harry.  Now, Harry actually does serious bicycle races, and Eric is an extremely enthusiastic amateur.  So, yeah, I’m completely outclassed in the fitness department.  However, I more than make up for it in sheer stubbornness.  I did have to walk for large portions, but I made it up.  You can see Eric’s photo of me at the top, looking extremely pudgy but also extremely proud of myself: 


The downside: once I’d gotten to the top, I started riding to where Eric and Harry were waiting for me.  Once I’d gotten there, I started to ride past the coffee shop where they were sitting, at which point Eric ran after me and shouted “Ben!”, at which point I turned around and promptly fell off my bike, in the process of which I put my left hand to stop me, landing on the outer edge, putting 200 lbs of pressure on a volume of about 2 cubic inches.  My hand immediately swelled up, but didn’t really start hurting until the next day.  I went to the doctor, and found out that I’d strained the ligaments and tendons in my left hand.  So even though that was 2 weeks ago, now even lifting a light bag with my left hand hurts excruciatingly.  I saw the doctor and she put me on some anti-inflammatories, but the hand still hurts if I pressure it the wrong way.

Such is life.  I will get over the injury, and will go back to cycling soon.  What I’m really disappointed that I won’t be able to do yoga for a while.  I’ve started doing all sorts of exercise, such as step and aerobics, and I’d started doing some yoga as well. (Which, by the way, is WAY HARDER than I expected. I thought yoga was just a complicated way of getting flexible, stretching out your muscles, tendons, ligaments, etc., but it also requires a lot of strength as well, which makes me a little bit intimidated when I see these tiny girls supporting themselves on one hand and foot while the the rest of their body is extended at curious angles.  I try to go into these positions, get about halfway, and then collapse in a heap.  And that was BEFORE I injured my hand.  It also took a while to realize that not only is there a lot to say about yoga, but I could probably go on about all day, which is probably not a good idea when I haven’t even left the parentheses yet.) I can still do the step and aerobics classes, but those mostly work out your legs.  I mean, you’re supposed to be moving your arms, too, but I have a hard enough time following the foot movements involved without trying to coordinate my arms in there as well.  I am slowly getting better about it, but it’s hard for someone as clumsy as I am.  But, as the Chinese say, 慢慢來, (“slow-slow-come”, although a more accurate translation would probably be “one step at a time”).  Also I will probably have a jogging partner soon.  So I’ve become a sort of exercise junkie.

This is good.  I also have no excuse to avoid going to the gym now, since it’s a 5-minute walk from my new place, and a 2-minute walk from my job.  So, on Friday mornings, I go to aerobics at 10am, back home at 11am, clean my apartment or take care of other stuff for a while, then go to a step class at 2:45pm, finish and take a shower at the gym, change into my work clothes, and I’m at work just after 4pm, with an hour to prepare for class.



2 Responses to “A testament to my stubborness”

  1. Holly Says:

    Hey Ben – good going! I’d like to bike more around Taipei, but a) I don’t own a bike and b) my previously broken tailbone is not a fan of bike seats. It starts to hurt after 15 minutes of riding.

    By the way, did you join California? I’m contemplating it myself, seeing as it’s so close to work, and now close to home as well. If you joined, can you tell me what you think of it?

    (Didn’t know I read your blog, did you? Now you know. And now I’ve tagged you on my blog. Apologies in advance if you’re not a fan of that sort of thing!)

  2. Sabrina Says:

    I wish I lived within walking distance of my gym.

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