On publication

So, in the last couple weeks several of my friends have proposed that I try to get my writings published.  I am sort of reluctant, since I’m not sure my fragile ego is quite ready to face the possibility of such rejection.  So, I’m asking you: to publish, or not to publish?  Leave a comment below!



8 Responses to “On publication”

  1. Bijiaku Says:

    Publish like how? I can’t picture it, but then again I’m not an avid blog person. Maybe you should just inquire into publishing options in your spare time. That way the worst that could happen is that you learn about how blogs make their way to getting published, which is educational. I’d like to know that, anyway.

    In any case, there are an appalling number of travelogues getting published these days, which I assume means that someone is buying them all. Living in Taiwan for several years could make a few readers interested.

  2. Irene Says:

    I think being a published writer would be super awesome! I hope to one day finish my novel(s) 😛 I think you should at least look into the publishing, find out more info about it. After that, you can decide whether or not you want to actually do it.

  3. Aznsouris (Jenn) Says:

    Publish. Then you can make lots of money and have me and MJ visit you more often.

    You should publish just because you can. =)

  4. Goldberg Says:

    Do YOU want to publish? If yes, why?

  5. Katie Says:

    Yes. I think you should pursue publishing, although in exactly what format I’m not sure. I can put you in touch with a former tutor/published writer (she’s a young whippersnapper like you) who you could talk things through with. I think it’s worth investigating further at the very least. I like the way you write — what you have to say, how you say it, etc. and think others might enjoy it as well. No clue about any $$$ though……

  6. Vivian Says:

    Yea…I think you should start looking into avenues that may be promising! I like your writing, I always have. You are talented and you should try to get your experiences out to a bigger audience, ie the world!

  7. Eileen Says:

    Yes. Why not?? ^^

  8. Rob Says:

    If you’re sure it’s good, publish. If not, there’s always the blog!

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